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About Us!

Camp Directors: Megan Healy Hawkins and Edie Hopkins


Megan is a seventh year teacher. She teaches 3rd grade in Anne Arundel County. Edie recently moved back to D.C. and is now working as a Social Worker specializing in crisis response. Megan and Edie are life long members of Daleview Pool and Swim Team, where they served as Assistant Coaches for two years. Megan and Edie created Camp Daleview in 2010 and are the co-founders of HealyHopkins, LLC. 

About Camp! 

Why did we create Camp Daleview? 

We created Camp Daleview because we wanted to give kids the chance to spend even more time at the place they love so much in a way that is convenient for their parents. After four years of experience we decided to bring this idea to other pools! We are certified in both Maryland and Montgomery County. 

Typical Camp

A typical camp day includes games, arts and crafts, structured sports, free swim, and lots of fun. We'd love for your children to be a part of this great community!

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